Strawberry Water

Strawberry Water

AKA "Water Juice"

Tari Slicer cutting strawberries

About 8 years ago, I went to my friend's wedding reception and they had a beautiful dispenser filled with strawberry water. It was the first time I had ever tried strawberry water and I was hooked! It's a simple concept - just cut up a few strawberries and add them to your glass of water and yet it made the water taste SO good!! 

Slicing Strawberry with Tari

So now when I jump back on my goal of trying to drink more water, sometimes I go back to that wedding reception and I think about how many times I filled up my teeny tiny plastic cup, and I decide to make my own strawberry water! I grab the Tari Slicer and a few strawberries and in a matter of seconds, I have my delicious water ready to go for the morning!

This morning I did just that - the Tari Slicer has serrated blades so it doesn't squish the strawberry but rather cuts it into the perfect number of slices for my drink!

Strawberry water and tari 

 My mother in law bought my daughter, Nellie, some little juice boxes of Hint - it is just flavored water - but she loves it! We call it "water juice" and so today I realized I made my own water juice and Nellie absolutely loved sharing it with me! She even asked for crackers and then saw my water and said "I want that" and was content with drinking her "water juice" and instead of crackers! That is a win in my book for sure!

Taryn with water

Strawberry water with GEFU Glass Straw

I took my "water juice" on our walk to the library this morning and we both enjoyed a refreshing drink together as we picked out books and played with the train set there at the library with our neighbors who came with us. It was a great morning of drinking something healthy and getting out in the fresh air and moving our bodies on our walk! 

Nellie and Taryn with water

Taryn and Nellie drinking water

Taryn and Nellie

I have recently found that adding in healthy habits is a much better and happier way for me to be healthy rather than limiting myself from desserts and adding in some strawberry water to help with your goal of drinking more water is a fun way to do jus that!

Taryn Pratt, MPH 
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