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Valentine's Day Chocolate

Chocolate dipped strawberry

It's crazy how something as simple as homemade chocolates or flowers can make such a huge impact. I suppose it's because it is so much more about the reason behind the gift that it is means so much. My husband came home with a set of powdered donuts from the gas station for me on Valentine's Day but as silly as it may seem, I knew that it meant he was thinking of me and made an effort to get me something to show me that he loves me. 

items needed for chocolate hearts

In Chile, they call Valentine's day the "dia de amor y amistad" which translates to the date of love and friendship. I love that not only romantic relationships are honored, but friendships as well. I decided to make heart shaped chocolates and chocolate covered strawberries for some of my friends that I care about to celebrate Valentine's day this week!

stirring chocolate with whisk 

As impressive as it may seem, it was actually incredibly easy!! (I'm all about doing something simple that seems impressive). I simply warmed up the melting chocolate wafers in the microwave as the package described, whisked it around with my favorite small whisk, and then used a spoon to drop the melted chocolate into the Silikomart mold! 

Dropping chocolate into mold

I put the mold into the fridge for about 10 minutes and then they easily came out of the mold and onto the plate! I put the leftover chocolate on some strawberries and ta-da! I have a super fast and easy gift that looks like it took hours to make. I am confident my friends will absolutely love the gift!


Taking hearts out of mold
Chocolate hearts
Chocolate hearts with strawberries in the background
Taryn with chocolate creations

Simplifying your life can mean doing a super simple gift that is actually fun to make instead of rushing to the packed store to buy flowers or worrying about the perfect gift you can order on Amazon. Sometimes putting in a tiny bit of effort can make you look incredibly impressive! And hey, life's about balance so you go ahead and joy some of those delicious chocolates too yeah? 

Taryn Pratt, MPH 
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