The Best Pouch

The Best Pouch: Healthy and Inexpensive

Nellie eating her pouch

I absolutely love pouches - they are so convenient and less messy than a bowl of applesauce with a spoon. They are also the very best way I can get my daughter to eat vegetables. When I buy store bought pouches I always try to get the kind that says "with veggies". 

One day I was reading the back of the veggie pouch I had for Nellie, when I noticed that it said one spinach leaf one carrot was in it. ONE!!! I couldn't believe that! But then again have you tasted the pouches?? They are INCREDIBLY sweet. 

Treppo with vegetables

So rather than give my daughter a pouch with only one measly spinach leaf in it, I now always make my own. It honestly does not take very long to make thanks to my GEFU products, and I literally put half steamed veggies and half unsweetened applesauce and she loves it! 

Treppo with squash 

I start by peeling my vegetables - I often mix zucchini, yellow squash, and butternut squash all together - and then I cut it up into chunks and dice it with the GEFU Treppo

Peeler with zucchini

Pouring cubes in steamer

After that I leave it steaming on the stove. If you use a steamer basket then you don't have to worry about it burning (we tried steaming butternut squash without a basket at my aunt's house once and with little Nellie running around we completely forgot about the squash until we smelled the burnt squash from the bottom of the pan) so I recommend this one that we sell HERE.

Putting Treppo in dishwasher

Then I put all my GEFU products in the dishwasher so I don't have to waste any energy cleaning and then I relax and watch a show until its time to take the steamed veggies out. I always store them in small glass tupperware containers and that way some of them can go in the freezer where the rest go in the fridge. 

Anytime Nellie wants an "applesauce snack" then I take out the veggies, mash them up with a fork, then put an equal amount of unsweetened applesauce with it and mix it up. After that I pour the mixture into a reusable pouch, (I use THESE), and then give it right to Nellie!

Fork with steamed veggies

Applesauce added to steamed veggies
Taryn putting applesauce in pouch
Taryn with pouch
Nellie eating her pouch
Nellie loves it, it makes me feel good because I know she's getting vegetables, and it is also way cheaper than the store bought pouches. Now, do I still get those sometimes? Yes! They are super easy for when I need to grab something for the diaper bag. But when we are at home or if we are going to a restaurant, I try to always make these homemade pouches for Nellie before I offer a snack of crackers or cookies. Hope that inspired you to make some of your own!!
Taryn Pratt, MPH 
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