Breakfast Cookies are In

Breakfast Cookies are In

Cool Moms Serve Cookies for Breakfast

Nellie smiling eating a breakfast cookie

I tried a new breakfast cookie recipe this morning and I think Nellie liked these cookies better! I got the recipe HERE. I only had 1.5 bananas left so I just cut the recipe in half but it still made a whole sheet pan full so I think it was the perfect amount!

 Bowl of ingredients for cookies


Nellie was busy eating the other half of her breakfast so I didn't have her help me but this would have been a great opportunity for her to dump in the oats and the other ingredients. 

Cookies on the sheet

They were pretty easy and fast to make. I did make sure to squish down the cookies into the shape I wanted before I stuck them in the oven for 14 minutes and then I cleaned the kitchen while they baked. 

messy counter
Clean counter


Check out the pretty clean counter with my favorite GEFU X-Plosion salt and pepper mills and the beautiful Olipac olive oil cruets - one has olive oil and the other has avocado oil. 

Cookies on a cooling rack

Nellie holding the cookie
Nellie smiling with a cookie in her mouth
Overall it was a pretty simple recipe and Nellie loved it! It has oats and some peanut butter and just a small amount of honey and chocolate chips so they feel pretty healthy to me. I should have added some shredded carrots or zucchini because I'm sure you wouldn't even taste that. Next time...

As always, the recipe was made much easier with my fave GKW tools and it helped me get back to spending more time with little Nellie and less time in the kitchen so that means it was a success!
Taryn Pratt, MPH 
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