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Thanksgiving Dinner Table 

thanksgiving dinner table

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it is a time to be grateful, celebrate family and friends, and gather around the table to eat a delicious feast! We know to include a turkey, stuffing, rolls, and lots and lots of pie, but the decor for the big day can be a little bit of a mystery. 
My mom is the queen of decorating so I enlisted her help to set up the table a bit early so we could share with you how she is going to decorate for Thanksgiving day! And of course, we especially love when the decor serves a function as well!
table setting with thankful plate
We started with these cute "Thankful" plates (these and these are similar options if interested) and then added some fake greenery for the center of the table. I think the greenery adds color and makes it look fancy without being expensive! If you wanted to go with real greenery, hey I'm here for it. 
Pumpkins are fall so we added a pumpkin centerpiece next to the adorable and functional GEFU bread basket
bread basket with tablescape
The candles add a nice ambiance and I love that the holders make them a centerpiece (these are similar)! Next to the candles we have the absolutely adorable X-Plosion table salt and pepper mills available in both silver and black. I love this because it is the cutest small size, perfect to not take up too much space when the table is going to be full of food, but it is still available for freshly ground salt and pepper for you and your guests!!
salt and pepper on the table
And after you and your guests are full from the Thanksgiving feast, I highly recommend serving a nice herbal tea in the cutest Bredemeijer Carmine Red teapot. It is so festive and tea on a full stomach is so healing. Research has shown that many teas can help settle an upset stomach and are good for digestion. A few suggestions are peppermint, ginger, fennel, and senna tea. 
Both the cute red Bella Ronde teapot and the white/stainless steel Cosy Manto Teapot are designed to keep the tea at the perfect temperature for hours so you and your guests can relax, sip your tea, and make room for more pie! 
I am so excited for you to be impress your guests with your cute and functional table setting this year at Thanksgiving!! 
red bella ronde teapot
cozy manto
bread basket and pumpkin
With love, 
Taryn Pratt, MPH 
P.S. Have any questions?? The quickest way to get an answer is to DM me on our instagram @GourmetKitchenworks 
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