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You may be surprised to hear this, but at Gourmet Kitchenworks, we have gifts for almost everyone on your list!! From dad to mother in law, we are here for you!

The One Who Cooks A Lot:

GEFU Treppo | $52.95 
This literally cuts any vegetable into perfect uniform cubes. What used to take loads of time and energy dicing with a knife now takes 0.001 seconds with the smack of the hand! I use mine every single time I cook!
magic peeler
Think a peeler is just a peeler? Think again. This peeler has been nicknamed the "Magic Peeler" by our customers because it really is that good. You seriously have to try it to believe it, but it feels just like smooth butter and is a game changer for anyone who likes to cook!!

The One Who Loves Sustainability: 

coffee set

GEFU Coffee Capsule Set | $41.95

These little capsule pods work with with any standard, original NESPRESSO® capsule machines. They replace the plastic parts and this is the PERFECT gift for your espresso loving sustainable friend! Here's how it works: place the funnel contents in an empty capsule, fill with espresso powder using the measuring spoon and press down with tamper, seal capsule with self-adhesive aroma seal – and you’re done. After use, simply remove the cover, clean the capsule and it can be used again immediately.

reusable grocery bags for veggies
Want to know a big waste of plastic that I feel like never gets talked about?? The bags you put your fruits and veggies in at the grocery store! Think about how many people use those things and then immediately throw them away when they get home!! Here's the solution! Let your sustainable loving friend feel like the trend setter with these bags that are the perfect replacement! (Comes with three size Medium bags). 
glass straws
GEFU Clear Glass Straws
These straws not only help eliminate single use plastic, but they also feel so incredibly smooth on your mouth as you drink. That sounds weird, but I promise it makes drinking even more fun! 

The One Who Loves to Host: 

Standing Knife

This is the perfect knife for any and all charcuterie boards! And what host doesn't love a good charcuterie board?? The knife stands due to its clever base and won't fall over - leaving the board or counter clean and ready to use again! 
ring set
GEFU Ring Set | $59.95
This ring set is the perfect gift for someone who loves a picture perfect dinner party! With a pusher for each ring size the food is pressed into, and cleanly removed from, the ring. Just screw the handle onto the required disc.
Oval Bread Basket
The cutest bread basket that looks fantastic in photos with its light color and serves delicious bread because come on, who doesn't love bread?? 

The One Who Loves All Things BBQ:

BBQ Skewer

GEFU Barbecue Skewer | $20.95 

The perfect skewers that come with an integrated slider for easy removal of the grilled food. This two piece set is a great gift especially since it comes with a 20 year manufacturer's warranty! 


BBQ Injector

GEFU BBQ Injector | $29.95 

This heavy duty easy to use injector comes with a really nice storing case and will impress anyone who loves BBQ! You can inject in different ways, it is dishwasher safe, and it comes with a 5 year manufacturer's warranty!

chicken leg holder

Chicken Leg (Drumstick) Holder | $49.95

This clever chicken leg holder is perfect for the BBQ lover in your life who likes chicken! This is the perfect unique gift as it allows for the cooking of 12 chicken legs without turning! It is folds up for space saving while not in use as well!

The One Who Loves Tea: 

Santhee Teapot

Bredemeijer Santhee Teapot | $113.95

This beautiful shiny teapot is perfect for the tea lover you know as it is double walled so it keeps the tea at the perfect temperature for hours! It is absolutely adorable and perfect the next tea party or to just enjoy alone with a good book!

tea box

Bredemeijer 9 Compartment Tea Box | $49.95

This gorgeous tea box is complete with 9 compartments so you tea loving friend has a place for all of the very best teas! With its glass top, it is always easy to see what teas are remaining and its aesthetic is perfect for every household! 

Manto teapotBredemeijer Spring White Cosy Manto Teapot | $129.95

The classic teapot is adorable and timeless! Its removable, felt-clad outer casing of stainless steel covers the ceramic inner pot to ensure that the temperature and flavour of the tea are retained for a longer period of time. The Manto is supplied with a tea filter, and its inner pot is dishwasher safe, which makes it very practical in use.

The One Who is a Baker: 

Pizza and Cake Server

GEFU Pizza and Cake Server | $35.95

This giant spatula can literally pick up an entire cake! Your baker friend will absolutely love this for when cakes need to be moved - it fixes the problem of trying to use two different little spatulas without it breaking! It is also dishwasher safe AND has a 5 year manufacturer's warranty! 

Dough Scraper

GEFU Dough Scraper | $15.95

This little scraper is perfect for spreading frosting, scraping the dough out of bowls, and making sure you don't waste any last drop of that special sauce you just made! Pair this with the cake server above and you've got yourself the baker's dream gift! 

decorating spoons

GEFU Decorating Spoons | $19.95

These fun decorating spoons will help any baker add class and pizzaz to any dish they whip up! With its special ergonomic shape, adding sauce decoration has never been easier! 


The One You Don't Know Very Well:

 Copper Olive Oil Cruet

Olipac Chic Olive Oil Cruet | $34.95

Did you know that with time in a glass bottle, the properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil actually change?? With the Olipac olive oil cruet, not only does it look classy in your kitchen, but the cruet also protects the characteristics of the olive oil for much longer! And everyone uses olive oil!! 

Olive Oil Cruet

Olipac Elegante Olive Oil Cruet | $29.95

This is another gorgeous design of an olive oil cruet that will protect your Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the elements and keep it extra virgin for much longer!! 

X-Plosion Salt and pepper mill set

GEFU X-Plosion Salt and Pepper Mill Set | $74.95

This set is the perfect gift because literally everyone uses salt and pepper and this gift set comes with both a little salt and pepper mill for the table! 

The One Who Has It All: 

Olipac Filare | $59.00
This beautiful four piece set complete for oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper has a beautiful wooden base and won the GIA award (Global Innovation Award) at the 2022 International Inspired Home Show. It is a unique gift for someone who has it all and will look amazing in any kitchen! 
BBQ Apron
GEFU BBQ Apron | $79.95
This rugged looking apron not only has super nice high grade leather  appliqués, but it also comes with different helpful details that your BBQ lover will appreciate. This includes a towel loop and pockets for a rod thermometer and phone! It also has a 5 year manufacturer's warranty so you can be confident that it is made to last!


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