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Nellie's First Birthday

grandma and grandpa and nellie
Having children is wonderful, but birthdays often mean stressful party planning. At Gourmet Kitchenworks we want to be able to help busy parents like you spend less time in the kitchen, and less time stressing, so you can spend more time with your children making happy memories!
I think the biggest aspect of a birthday party, apart from the decorations, is the food. You are having people over and they are going to get hungry. This is one simple idea of how to create a food plan that is super simple, delicious, and with our favorite GKW gadgets, fast and easy to make! 
table with food on it
Creating a simple spread of savory and sweet treats is an easy way to know what to serve. If you are having the party in between meals, you only need snacks! If you are having a morning party, a simple brunch of a yogurt parfait bar along with strawberry water and fruit is easy! 
For Nellie's birthday party we had a cracker and cheese board, cupcakes, watermelon made with the GEFU Melon Baller, strawberry water made with the GEFU Tari Slicer, and cookies. It was maybe a tad on the sweet side but I didn't hear any complaints!
strawberry water
watermelon in spheres
I made the cake with a box cake mix and I used two of the Silikomart Perla24 baking molds for the cakes and then just bought these edible flowers on Etsy and put them on the icing all around. Everyone was very impressed and it took me about 10 minutes to place them all! Easy and stress free!
Throwing parties can be fun and stress free and it can be a perfect way to create memories together as a family. My parents live in Missouri and I live in Massachusetts so I don't get to see them as often as I would like, but I am so grateful that we have this fun party to look back on where we created happy memories - both at the party, and preparing the food together beforehand. 
One reason why I absolutely love the products at GKW is because they help me make my life easier! Instead of wasting precious time slicing up strawberries for the water, I used the Tari Slicer and had it done in seconds! I used the GEFU Apple Cutter to slice up my apples which not only made it lightning quick, but also reduced waste! Instead of serving watermelon in boring triangles, I used the Melon Baller to create a fun and unique way of eating it! 
I want you to be able to have these products that simplify your life! I want you to see a party on Pinterest and then be able to easily replicate it for your own life. I want your party to be so instagrammable that everyone else around is jealous and says "I just don't know how you do it all!" Your secret trick? GKW products <3 
cracker and apple charcuterie board
Nellie in her high chair
With love, 
Taryn Pratt, MPH 
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