Healthy Gingerbread House

Healthy Gingerbread House

An Alternative Gingerbread House  gingerbread house in the making

I don't think of myself as a crazy health nut, but if my toddler is going to be happy if I give her fruit while I eat ice cream, then I might as well do it right? So Nellie has never had candy and in my mind, I'm going to keep this up as long as I can! So when my neighbor asked me to decorate gingerbread houses with her, and then asked what we could use for decorations that would be healthy, I took that idea and ran with it! 
tari slicer
I wanted to make sure it was still colorful and fun so I started out by quickly slicing strawberries with the Tari Slicer. These strawberry slices could be used as siding, a roof bushes, or stepping stones! Then I grabbed some mini cucumbers, and I used the V-Slicer to create even circles that could be used for the above or as some cute green bushes or cacti! Using these GEFU tools helped make this process quick and painless!
I wanted to get green and red bell peppers but the store I went to only had red. I thought these would be perfect for the roof! I used the Treppo to quickly dice them into even squares and they were perfect for my walkway! 
treppo with cubed bell pepper
The graham cracker house is where I went wrong. I used cream cheese to stick the pieces together which worked pretty well, but the roof did have a bit of a hard time staying up - but even so, it was fun to put it together! Nellie loved eating the snacks along the way and we made memories while still being healthy!! 
I hope your creations turn out cuter than mine and that you have just as much fun! Be sure to check out the GKW tools linked below so that your prep takes just minutes like mine did, so you can get to the good stuff of creating memories together as family and friends! 

gingerbread house and toppings
final product
With love, 
Taryn Pratt, MPH 
P.S. Have any questions?? The quickest way to get an answer is to DM me on our instagram @GourmetKitchenworks 
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