Holiday Cookie Exchange

A Fun Holiday Tradition

Taryn with ingredients

We moved to our house in October of 2020, so we didn't quite start with holiday traditions right away. But for two years now, we have been invited to a cookie exchange with some of the women of our church! It has been such a fun tradition and with the help of some of my trusty GKW products, making these delicious brown butter chocolate chip cookies from Ambitious Kitchen, it was easy and fast!
Ingredients all laid out
The trick to making the baking of brown butter cookies fun is setting up a show on your laptop for the whisking of the butter. It takes quite a bit of time because you have to whisk the butter continually until you smell that nutty aroma it gives off after it becomes browned. So having a show up and running, or a book on tape, helps pass the time and makes it seem super quick!
whisking butter
The GEFU whisk is cute and little and I just love using it!! It is a quality whisk and doesn't break, unlike so many of the cheapo whisks I've used in the past. That is something I love so much about the products here at GKW - they are all such high quality and so many of the GEFU products have 5, 10, or 20 year warranties! That is how you know it's good! 
I encourage you all to start your own cookie exchange tradition and to use some GKW products to make your own cookies! I was just told to make bags of three cookies, so I put them in little gift bags and when I go to the exchange tomorrow, I will just take home as many bags as I bring! It is a pretty easy thing to put together and makes for such happy memories for all!! 
Happy holidays to you and here's to more traditions in the making!
whisking eggs
Cookie dough balls
Taryn in the kitchen
Cookies on a cooling rack
Cookies in packages
Taryn Pratt, MPH 
P.S. Have any questions?? The quickest way to get an answer is to DM me on our instagram @GourmetKitchenworks 
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