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Popsicles & Kale

Frozen fruit, kale, and popsicle mold

I went to the store to get popsicles for Nellie, my two year old, and had a difficult time choosing which ones were best. Should I get the zero sugar one that maybe has other things that aren't great to eat? Or should I get the ones full of sugar? Do I get the "just fruit" ones? But those ALSO have a ton of sugar.

popsicle molds and blender

Turns out I can VERY easily make my own popsicles that are made with frozen fruit but I also throw in some kale so make it a tad better for little Nellie!

blended fruit and popsicle mold

popsicle mold with popsicle sticks 

popsicle mold with blended fruit mixture pouring in

They were super easy to make and literally took seconds! I simply took some frozen fruit and threw them in the blender, added water and some kale, and poured the mixture into the popsicle molds and then stuck them in the freezer!

mold in freezer

Frozen popsicles coming out of mold
The best part of the whole process was that Nellie absolutely LOVED the popsicle when I got it out for her! She was trying to figure out how to bite but is learning to just slurp it up. She was a cutie pie and how could I not enjoy that she was enjoying summer eating popsicles outside while also getting a little bit of kale in her system!!
Nellie eating popsicle
Nellie with popsicle
We are all about spending more time with your family all while making healthier choices and this is the absolute perfect way to do so. Summer is so fun, especially with little ones, and seeing her enjoy these popsicles outside makes me enjoy summer even more!

Taryn Pratt, MPH 
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