Spiral Slicer - SPIRELLI 2.0 13780

Spiral Slicer - SPIRELLI 2.0 13780

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Delicious vegetables in appetizing endless julienne spirals. The attachable finger guard is equipped with three 1" spikes that firmly hold any vegetable in place. It can push the vegetable deep into the slicer, making sure that the vegetable being sliced is used efficiently, resulting in minimal waste. Simply insert the vegetable – be it zucchini, carrot, English cucumber, daikon radish, or parsnip into the concave part of the Spirelli – one side creates thinner strands and the other one thicker. The holder is very effective in protecting your fingers!

Use the zucchini or carrot noodles to substitute for pasta in many different recipes! A great way to incorporate healthy eating habits! Mix the vegetable noodles with pasta noodles to ease the transition! Top with Speghetti sauce, pesto, peanut sauce – any topping! Or, saute a minute and add sesame oil and a bit of soy sauce – top with sesame seeds! So many wonderful ways to get healthy with Spirelli 2.0! #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom

Delicious veg in appetizing endless julienne spirals: a practical and pleasure-promising gift! The attachable vegetable holder can be pushed far into the slicer, making sure the veg is used efficiently.

  • attachable finger-guard with 3 stainless steel pins ensures a safe hold from the start
  • endless julienne spirals
  • two spiral sizes: 2 x 3 mm / 0.08 x 0.12 in and 3.5 x 5 mm / 0.14 x 0.2 in
  • Ø 7,0 cm, L 18,0 cm, W 12,5 cm, H 7,5 cm
  • high-grade stainless steel / plastic / Japanese blade steel
  • dishwasher safe

Using the principle of a pencil sharpener, the SPIRELLI® 2.0 spiral slicer transforms carrots, radishes, cucumbers and other firm vegetables into appetizing endless spirals at a flick of the wrist – for use in vegetarian stir-fries, healthy raw salads or as an appetizing garnish for prompt consumption. The Japanese special steel blades produce spirals of two different widths. Safe to use: the attachable finger guard with its three stainless steel pins not only guarantees a safe hold from the start but also – as you can push it well in – ensures the veg is used efficiently. And after use – into the dishwasher it goes. A kitchen aid which makes an ideal gift to vegetable fans. Practical, smart.