Knife sharpener COLT 13930
Knife sharpener COLT 13930

Knife sharpener COLT 13930

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To give kitchen knives their cutting edge back in no time at all here is a three-stage knife sharpener for quick and easy re-sharpening.

  • re-sharpen knives in three steps
  • safe grip due to anti-slip rubber coating
  • ergonomic handle
  • L 20,5 cm, W 4,7 cm, H 7,0 cm
  • tungsten steel / ceramic whetstone / diamond whetstone / plastic

Nothing is left blunt: the three-stage knife sharpener features a diamond grindstone which soothes damaged blades before their V shape is restored with tungsten steel at stage 2. The finish comes from the ceramic grindstone, which polishes the blade and levels out any unevenness. The anti-slip rubber coating gives the three-stage knife sharpener a firm stand on the worktop, and the ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable and safe grip.