Ice cream scoop PALLINA
Ice cream scoop PALLINA

Ice cream scoop PALLINA

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Fancy an ice cream? The super-cool PALLINA ice cream scoop creates the best balls of ice cream in an instant, as it is made of aluminum which absorbs heat quicker than cold so it glides effortlessly through even the hardest ice creams. Also perfect for arranging cold desserts and for shaping appetizing balls of rice or other delicious accompaniments.

  • wide grip for simple handling
  • easy cleaning thanks to the uninterrupted surface
  • the coated aluminum absorbs heat faster than cold, so the ice cream scoop effortlessly glides through even hard ice creams
  • the head forms beautiful balls, also perfect for arranging desserts or accompaniments such as rice
  • L 4,9 cm, W 4,6 cm, H 18,4 cm
  • aluminum / powder-coated surface