Garlic Grater 50472
Garlic Grater 50472
Garlic Grater 50472

Garlic Grater 50472

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Doubly talented for fine seasoning! Both the front and the back of the RAFINO can be used quickly and effectively, one for finely grating garlic cloves and the other for thinly slicing them. Also good for ginger.

- The grating surface’s brilliant sharpness is due to the DIAMOND LASER CUT
- Double-bevel, extremely sharp blade with a cutting thickness of 1 mm (3/64 in)
- Including finger guard
- Ergonomically shaped grip
- Suspension loop
- L 23,0 cm, W 4,5 cm, H 3,6 cm
- Plastic / high-grade blade steel / high-grade stainless steel
- Dishwasher safe
The RAFINO is a 2-in-1 kitchen aid because both the front and the back can be used to get the desired result from garlic cloves. The brilliant sharpness of the grating surface can produce a fine paste while preserving its full aroma while the back produces even garlic slices with a cutting thinness of 1 mm (3/64 in). The double-bevel slicer ensures that the cloves are cut not torn. The ergonomic handle rests comfortably in your hand and a finger guard prevents injuries. This compact aid has an integrated suspension loop so that it can be hung onto any kitchen rail and will always be ready to hand.