The Kitchen Tool Every Mom Needs

The Kitchen Tool Every Mom Needs

One Week Postpartumtreppo cube chopper

I gave birth to my little son on Jan 4, 2024. My parents live in Missouri (where they run GKW) and I live in Massachusetts. So when trying to book their flights for them to come help me with the two children I now have, it was a guessing game. When my daughter Nellie was born, she came early and my mom didn't get here until she was 10 days old. My due date for Little Lewis was Jan 1, and so we decided to book their flights a few days later for Jan 4th. Luckily, within 12 hours of giving birth, my parents were in the hospital in Massachusetts. 

Baby Lewis

I was so grateful for my mom. She was here for two blissful weeks and did literally everything for me. She played with Nellie, my 2.5 year old, took her to the bathroom every single time, made every single meal and cleaned up after, made meals for me to have in the freezer (which I am still eating), and just took care of everything so that I could rest and heal. 

As she was making meals during my naps (she always cooked while Nellie, Lewis, and I all napped every afternoon) she realized that every single day while making meals, she went back to the same kitchen product. Every SINGLE meal she made, she used the GEFU Treppo!! I have always said it is one of my most used products, and here she was proving me right! 

Michele cutting with treppo

She used it to make oven baked French fries for cutting the potatoes. She used it to chop veggies for the different soups she made. She used it to dice red onions as pictured in these photos. She just used it for so many different things and it made meal prep SO much faster and easier! 

Treppo with red onion 

As she often made two separate meals during our nap times (one to eat that night, and one I could put in the freezer for after she was gone) it was even more important that her cooking was fast. It is pretty hard to make meals with a very busy toddler around and I wasn't much help because I wasn't allowed to life her (as she was over the 20 lb weight limit I was supposed to have). So it was so excellent that she could save time by using our favorite, the GEFU Treppo cube cutter. 
Baby Lewis
Michele using treppo
Lucky for us, Little Lewis was so so sweet and even though he loved being held, he rarely cried those first couple weeks unless we were changing him or he was hungry (unfortunately that has started to change a bit now as we enter week 4...)
We are all about spending more time with your family all while making healthier choices and the GEFU Treppo along with all of the other GKW products I have in my home made this much easier for my mom as she took care of all of us during her time here. I am so incredibly grateful to her and I know that I will do the same thing many years from now when my daughter has her own child! 
Here's to figuring out life with two children and thank goodness I have my GKW products to help me make dinners faster when I run out of those freezer meals my mom made! 

Taryn Pratt, MPH 
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