Ice crusher SLUSH
Ice crusher SLUSH
Ice crusher SLUSH

Ice crusher SLUSH

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Hot on ice? Best finely crushed? It's no problem for the super-strong stainless steel blades of the SLUSH, which finely chop up hard ice and even deep-frozen fruits with ease. SLUSH is simple to operate, is non-slip and its extra-large opening makes it particularly easy to fill. Perfect for cocktail mixers and fans of caipirinhas.

  • large opening for filling with ice cubes or frozen fruit
  • strong stainless steel blades effortlessly chop up ice and frozen fruits such as strawberries or melon into small pieces
  • easy to operate with crank
  • anti-slip ring gives stability
  • filling volume: 750 ml
  • dishwasher-safe containers, lids not dishwasher safe
  • L 16,0 cm, W 12,5 cm, H 20,0 cm
  • plastic / high-grade stainless steel