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2 Qt. Sauce Pan
  • Brand: SKK
  • Product Code: 251-R

2 Qt. Sauce Pan  WITH REMOVABLE HANDLE Series 9 - Titanium 2000 Plus Non-Stick - Uses 7.8 LID.  

Hand Cast Aluminum Alloy with 8-10mm thermo base for superb cooking characteristics including extremely good heat distribution from bottom to top. No warping of bases even in high temperatures.  Coated with Series 9 Titanium 2000 Plus Non-Stick coating. For every cooking device except Induction. Series 9 meets all the demands of modern cooking. Made in Germany.  5 Year Warranty.  Can be heated to 500F.



To maintain the attractive appearance and cooking efficiency of your SKK cookware, scrub thoroughly with a brush and hot soapy water immediately after use. This ensures that cleaning your SKK cookware is quick and easy. After washing your SKK product, we recommend wiping out your pan again with a little oil and a kitchen towel. Burned in food can be removed with a bit of detergent and a soft nylon sponge. We do not recommend washing your SKK cookware in a dishwasher because the detergents used in modern machines are becoming increasingly aggressive and they can damage the non-stick surface. It will then lose its non-stick effect. In time, the centre of the cooking surface will take on a slightly brown appearance. This is normal and no attempt should be made to remove this as it does not influence the cooking efficiency of your SKK product. SKK cookware was developed for cooking - not for storing food. Therefore, it should be cleaned immediately after use.



Put a little oil in your pan and heat at maximum power for a short time. Because SKK pans heat up very quickly, keep the heat switched down to medium and place your food into the pan. Now you can cook food while retaining its nutrients without overheating your pan. For cooking, put water into a pot and bring it to a boil as usual. Add your food and cook as desired.



According to Stiftung Warentest 2/1988 (an independent consumer-protection foundation in Germany), empty pans made of hand cast aluminium reach a temperature of approx. 300 °C after just three minutes when heated at the highest level. Fats can burn extremely fast at these high temperatures, creating “tar resin” that can burn into the surface coating. Once this happens the tar resin can no longer be removed and the non-stick surface properties are impaired. In general, never heat up fats and oils to the smoke point. Doing so releases acrolein, a harmful substance.


The following table shows the smoke point (fats begin to burn at this point) of various fats:


Product Smoke point °C
Peanut oil (refined = hot-pressed) 230
Peanut oil (unrefined = cold-pressed) 170
Palm kernel oil 220
Coconut oil 185–205
Lard 121-218
Clarified butter 205
Butter 175
Most refined oils > 200
Cold-pressed rapeseed oil 130 - 190
Cold-pressed olive oil 130 - 175
Soybean oil 213
Sunflower oil (refined) 210 - 225
Sunflower oil (unrefined) 107
Sesame oil (unrefined) 177
Safflower oil 150


Please note: Dietary fats and margarines and most native or cold-pressed oils (e.g. native safflower or sunflower oil) are generally not suitable for frying! Always observe the manufacturer's specifications on the packaging.