Sprouting Jar BIVITA

Sprouting Jar BIVITA

  • Brand: GEFU
  • Product Code: 18910

Sprouts have long been the epitome of heath food, and for good reason. Essentially a germinated seed, grain, or legume, a sprout is the transformation from potential nutrition to actualized nutrition. Consuming a sprout, whether it be a broccoli spout, an alfalfa spout, or a bean sprout, is kind of like eating a little plant, and provides a great deal of nutritional, digestive, and enzymatic properties that would be difficult to get in one package. Sprouted seeds, grains and legumes are said to break down the complex sugars responsible for intestinal gas and “bean belly.” In addition, sprouted foods often contain an increased vitamin content, especially with B vitamins. But as healthy as sprouts may be, they are also a repeat offender when it comes to food borne illnesses and a designated high-risk food when it comes to E. coli. With the GEFU Sprouting Jar - you can grow your own sprouts - free of bacteria or fungus! The innovative miniature greenhouse with its integrated ventilation provides the perfect climatic conditions to cultivate fresh sprouts for salads etc. in your own kitchen. 


EASY TO USE:  Simply place seeds in the glass container and fill with water.  Let the seeds soak overnight.  The next morning, rinse and drain – turn the container over so that the mesh cover is on the bottom.  Snap the container into the black plastic base.  The base is designed to allow air to circulate freely to create the perfect climate for cultivating fresh sprouts – with no bacteria or mold growth!  Each morning and night repeat the rinsing of the seeds, and each time snap the container back into the base.  In a few days you will have your very own supply of healthy sprouts!!

-for sprouting seeds, such as alfalfa, mung beans, radishes, chickpeas, wheat, lentils, etc.

-glass dome provides the best lighting conditions.

-ventilation integrated into the base.

-fresh sprouts for salads etc. after just one week.

-5”diameter, 7.2” high

glass/silicone/ABS plastic/high-quality stainless steel

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