Are You Superbowl Ready?

It's Almost Time!

I grew up in Missouri, but we never had cable so I never watched football. When I moved to Utah for my undergraduate degree, I learned the rules and discovered how much I loved it! I started actually watching (and not just going to the game to take pics) BYU football and fell in love!
When I moved to Boston to get my MPH, I met Bryan and his love for the New England Patriots became my love. I still cheer for the Cheifs when the Pats don't make it to the superbowl (like this year! Let's go Mahomes!) but I am a Patriots fan no matter the outcome!
Apart from actually watching football, I know we all love the commercials, but more importantly, the food!! I love throwing together a quick salad for something healthy and one of my favorite tips I learned is the importance of adding in a dash of salt to my greens just before tossing - it really brightens the flavor! The best way to do that? Use the GEFU X-Plosion Salt Mill! I also love adding a little bit of olive oil as well, and you know I have to use the Olipac Elegante Cruet to keep my olive oil fresh! 
If you've followed me for any length of time, you know that I am OBSESSED with Passion Tango Tea Lemonade and I HAVE to have it with my favorite GEFU glass straws! There's no way to explain it, but it tastes even better when I am drinking it out of a glass straw! If you're trying to be healthier and you still want a delicious drink, I have a video on how to make it saved to our highlights on Instagram! 
No matter who you are rooting for, I hope you have a blast at this year's Superbowl!! 

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